The working principle of grinding machine

Update time : 2017-06-22

The grinding machine is controlled by stepless speed regulation system, which can easily adjust the grinding speed suitable for grinding various parts. The gas pressure proportional valve closed loop feedback pressure control can be used to control the pressure device independently. On the plate is set to slow down function, effectively prevent the broken water workpiece. Through a time relay and a grinding counter, the grinding time and the number of grinding cycles can be accurately set and controlled according to the processing requirements. When working, the pressure mode can be adjusted, and when the grinding set time or the lap speed is reached, the alarm is automatically stopped and semi-automatic operation is realized.

Variable speed control method of grinding machine, grinding process has three stages, namely the beginning stage, formal stage and end stage, beginning stage of abrasive speed rotation, the formal stage of abrasive rotating speed reduction, the end stage of tool rotation, which is characterized in that at the beginning of grinding, grinding speed controlled by slow acceleration from zero to quickly increase, when the abrasive speed rise to half the formal grinding speed, the acceleration of the change of the emergence of a turning point, control tools speed acceleration by the maximum value decreases from fast to slow, until the grinding speed reaches the grinding speed formal, abrasive speed acceleration to zero.

The use of the characteristics of fixed abrasive grinding, abrasive density distribution between the workpiece according to the relative motion, the rational design of abrasive abrasive density distribution, in order to make the abrasive tool wear appeared in the grinding process does not affect the abrasive surface precision, thus greatly improve the surface precision of workpiece, and avoid the trouble of dressing tools. In the plane fixed abrasive grinding, the rotating movement of the grinding tool is the main movement, and the movement of the workpiece is the auxiliary movement. In most cases, the workpiece is floating on the abrasive, and its motion law is unknown. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the force of the workpiece in order to find the state of force and the law of motion. Taking the workpiece as the separating part of the whole grinding system, the differential equation of the force balance of the workpiece is established, and the motion law of the workpiece can be obtained by solving the equation.

The main machine of the grinding mill is driven by a speed control motor, equipped with a large power deceleration system, soft start and soft stop, and the operation is stable. Through the upper and lower grinding disks, the sun wheel and the star wheel, the grinding movement of four directions and speed can be coordinated in order to achieve the efficient operation of lapping the upper and lower surfaces simultaneously. The lower grinding plate can be moved up and down to facilitate the loading and unloading of workpieces. The pneumatic solar wheel steering device can precisely control the grinding accuracy and speed of both sides of the workpiece. A correction wheel is provided randomly to correct the parallel error of the upper and lower grinding plates.

The characteristics of grinding basket grinder inherited basket grinder to realize grinding two processes in one machine, a working procedure, can also be used alone as a disperser (when the dispersion plate at the working position, grinding basket did not decrease when). For materials that need to be grinded, they can be dispersed first and then grinded (when the basket is lowered to the working position, fine grinding of materials can be carried out at high efficiency).

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