Use and properties of abrasive agents

Update time : 2017-05-27

Cutting agent

Cutting agent, abrasives, hand tools cutting agent, hardware tools, hand tools hand tools cutting agent, polishing agent (including traditional wrench, grant Tsui, sleeve) processing method, not only time-consuming, high cost of production; and the surface finish is not stable, far can not meet the needs of customers from all walks of life, the introduction of our company vibration grinding and polishing process from Taiwan, greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce production costs, reduce the labor intensity of the workers, the product quality is guaranteed. I supply hand tools, grinding and polishing machinery, grinding and polishing, auxiliary chemicals, grinding and polishing artificial abrasives, grinding and polishing process, and Valet processing, if necessary, please contact us. Name, number, shape, specification, use, cutting agent, CH-309 liquid 50KG/ barrel, suitable for hand tool grinding, cutting polish, CH-310 liquid 50KG/ barrel, suitable for hand tools polishing

Polishing agent

Polishing fluid characteristics: polishing fluid is a water soluble polishing agent without any sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine additives. It has good oil removal, rust prevention, cleaning and polishing properties, and can make metal products more than the original luster. This product performance is stable, non-toxic, no pollution to environment, light liquid usage: including ratchet wrench, open end wrench, number of nozzle, socket wrench, six angle wrench, screwdriver, pewter, zinc alloy and other metal products after grinding, and then use the polishing agent with vibration grinding and polishing machine. Drum type grinding and polishing machine polishing; polishing agent amount is 1 (depending on the size of the product, the product brightness light decoration machine and the size of the company's requirements for proper configuration), 2: polishing time: according to the status of the product set. 3. After polishing, rinse with clean water and dry.


Water based rust inhibitor is a water-based antirust solution, which can effectively protect the steel, iron and other materials, to prevent rust. According to the requirements of rust prevention period, and water according to a certain proportion of mixed use, antirust period can reach a few days to a few months. Performance characteristics: 1: has excellent rust resistance. 2: is easy to use and can be soaked. 3: is a good choice for ferrous or non-ferrous metals, especially cast iron work, which will not tarnish the surface of the parts. 4: fully water-soluble, non-toxic, tasteless, non burning, safe and reliable. 5: low cost, can replace rust proof oil. 6: workpiece beautiful, without leaving traces, does not affect accuracy.

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